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JULY 2024




The Shiatsu treatment, Iokai Masunaga Method, is a bioenergetic treatment aimed at harmonizing the three vital levels of the individual: physical, psychic and energetic, through the sedation or tonification of the Energetic Meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine and their related Movements according to the research of the japanese Shiatsu Master Shizuto Masunaga

Shiatsu is an evolutionary and bioenergetic discipline: it's not a massage, it's not an alternative therapy, it's not an unconventional medicine but it is a process of deep energetic communication between the practitioner (torì) and the receiver (ukè) which, thanks to techniques based on an ancient knowledge, constantly updated, allows someone to awaken and rebalance the energy qualities of the individual, preventing and solving imbalances and disharmonies that can lead to pathologies or their aggravation, through the stimulation of the self-healing properties inherent in every Living Being.





Born in Bari, Puglia, Italy, 01/26/1974

Member of A.P.O.S. n. 006096

Member of F.L.S.P.A. Federation Luxembourgoise de Shiatsu et Pratiques Asiatiques

V.I.E.S. REGISTERED I.V.A./ E.U. V.A.T. NUMBER: IT-08075820723


Freelance Professional Shiatsu Practitioner certified and recognized by italian Law n. 4/2013, VAT registered, graduated from the AIKO school of shiatsu and DBN of Pistoia, three-years course of 750 hours, over 300 hours of training, thousands of treatments performed, specialized in the adjuvant treatment to autoimmune diseases, headaches, spine problems, stress reduction, fertility problems.

From the beginning, he discovered an aptitude for manipulative therapies, practicing massage on relatives and friends.

During the adolescence he starts to study Yoga, specially the Iyengar style, moreover he studied and practiced Pranayama and different kinds of Meditation. Added to that, he incorporates the study of Ayurveda and the practice of Decontracting Massage, Ayurvedic Massage, Lymphatic Drainage Massage and Tibetan Bowls Therapy, an ancient art learned while he was travelling in Nepal (2001-2005).

- In Spain, between 2009 and 2013 he taught Yoga in no profit associations and practiced massages and manipulative energy therapies in his studio in Gijón, Asturias, Spain

- From 2014, back in Italy, he started to incorporate Traditional Chinese and Japanese Medicine and began the study of SHIATSU at AIKO Professional School of Shiatsu and D.B.N., Pistoia, Tuscany, a school connected, by style, to IOKAI SHIATSU CENTER in Tokyo, and included in the E.D.A. Educational Program of the Province of Pistoia, focusing mainly on the vision of Shizuto Masunaga, Iokai Method called also Zen Shiatsu and Keiraku Shiatsu. In this excellent school he learns different kinds of Shiatsu, Traditional Masunaga Iokai Method, Anatomy, Phisiology, Traditional Medicine of China-TMC

- In June 2017 he graduated from the AIKO school of Shiatsu and D.B.N. with the discussion of the thesis "Shiatsu and Immune System" after a three-year course under the masters Alessandro Gambetta, dr. Remo Martini and Rolando Romoli

During his studies, he took part in the Shiatsu Complementary Technique Seminar: Moxibustion, Cupping and Kinesiotherapeutic Taping with dr. Remo Martini


- From July 2017, Tristano is member of A.P.O.S., the Italian association of Shiatsu practitioners and teachers, with whom he shares the professional code of ethics

- In September 2017 he open his Shizen Shiatsu Studio in Bari and Putignano, Puglia, Italy

- In November 2017 Tristano participated in a certificated training seminar with the International Shiatsu Master Wataru Ohashi Sensei about the OhashiatsuTM  method.

- In May 2019 Tristano participated in a certificated training seminar with the international teacher Toshi Ichikawa about ANPUKU, the traditional japanese abdomen treatment.


- From March 2018, is member of F.L.S.P.A., the Luxembourg Fedaration of Shiatsu and Asian Disciplines.

- From 2018 Tristano Gargano practices his Shiatsu Treatments in Luxembourg every 2 months.

- From June 2022, after a two years training as assistant 1st level, 2nd level and 3rd level, 384 hours of teachers training, Tristano Gargano is Shiatsu Teacher Traditional Masunaga Method, certified by AIKO professional school of Shiatsu and D.B.N.

- In september -october 2023 he begins a collaboration as teacher of Daoism and TCM with the Yoga School  "Yoga Trasformativo" by Marcella Tanchis and Cristiano on the "Course for Teachers of Yin Yoga"

Tristano Gargano Shiatsu Practitioner


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Tristano Gargano


The Shiatsu Iokai method practitioner and teacher Tristano Gargano practices his

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